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Posted on 26th May 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien & Paul Carter
And the newly-updated Minecraft handbooks.

There's more than a few Minecraft players in our shops but there always seemed like something was missing in the game. That's why we've created Waterstones Minecraft. 

After a lengthy selection process we've put Steve Minesalot - what are the odds, right? - in charge of our new shop, and we’re happy to report that he's settling in rather well. "It's a return to bricks and mortar bookselling," Steve said, "except without the mortar."

So, without further ado, step inside Waterstones Minecraft where Steve will introduce you to the range of newly-updated Minecraft Handbooks, created to aid adventurers in the game.

Minecraft: The Official Beginner's Handbook 

Wait, why is everything square? Why has everything gone dark? And what’s this big green thing moving towards me. Fsssssssssssssssss ARGGGH!

If these are the questions you’re asking yourself then you probably need Minecraft: the Official Beginner's Handbook. Covering all the basics like choosing a game mode, your first moments in the world, creating tools, building your first shelter and improving it – the book acts as a starter guide to getting set up in the game.

With our apologies to real-life vegetarians, it's time to go hunting.


Minecraft: The Official Construction Handbook

Everyone starts somewhere, and in Minecraft that somewhere is likely to be the middle of nowhere. With Minecraft: The Official Construction Handbook, you can turn that barren patch of plains biome into a pleasant wooden house or – heck, why not – build yourself a floating steampunk city. Ever thought your base could do with some fortified walls? We’ve got them covered. Dwarven City? No problem – just make sure you add the lava last.

Some of the structures that Minecraft players build are absolutely incredible. The Construction Handbook will teach you how to compete. You'll be building your own full-size version of the Enterprise in no time.

Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook

March 2013 saw "The Redstone Update" and since then Minecraft players have been finding ingenious new ways to connect and control blocks in the game, from simple piston-powered doorways (check out the ‘classic Jeb door’ in the book for something much more awesome) to deluxe lighting systems. Minecraft: The Official Redstone Handbook makes the whole thing easy. If there’s anyone out there who’s figured this stuff out yet could they come and take a look at the lighting in our shop please? It’s awfully dark in here and it took ages to rid the place of spiders when we opened this morning. 

Essential reading for warriors and explorers, Minecraft: the Official Combat Handbook features the complete list of enemies in the game along with information about health, strength, useful item drops and where to find them.*

Find out how to navigate to The End, fight and beat the Ender Dragon and read pro-tips on enchanting, potion making and multi-player battles.

*Please note, no refunds if you still get killed by the Creeper. No book can stop that…

Of course, the real trick is to capture an your very own pet Elder Guardian...


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