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Introducing Miss Peregrine and her Exceedingly Peculiar Children

Posted on 29th September 2016 by Sally Campbell
As Tim Burton’s hotly anticipated adaptation of Ransom Riggs’ bestselling novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children hits the screens,Waterstones invites you to step inside a world like no other, brought to life in this visually breathtaking new film.

Open the door to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, a quarantine, an orphanage, a home for the bizarre and the potentially dangerous.

There is a world that exists beyond the one we know, a world that flickers into view in old, discarded photographs. Photographs of inhuman strangeness, photographs of the long-dead, or so you might think.

Sixteen-year old Jacob’s life has already been mired in tragedy when he follows the trail of breadcrumbs that lead from this treasure-trove of lost secrets to an island shrouded in mystery where something waits, waits for him, waits to be set free.

Do you dare to follow Jacob as he uncovers the truth behind the strange inhabitants he meets there, from a beautiful, pyrotechnic girl to a frightened invisible boy and Miss Peregrine herself – enigmatic, brilliant and with extraordinary powers of her own, powers over time itself?

Something waits for you in the dark, something that moves with the shadows and calls to you when the light fails.

Look carefully and then look again. You are never alone.

Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine

Eva Green as Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine...
Shapeshifter, headmistress, she will change the way you see things, even time itself.

Jacob Portman

Asa Butterfield as Jacob Portman...
Struck by tragedy, drawn into danger, he is more powerful than he knows.

Emma Bloom

Ella Purnell as Emma Bloom...
Lovely, lonely, lighter than air, what secrets does her beautiful face hide?


Samuel L. Jackson as Barron...
Undead doesn’t mean done.


Lauren McCrostie as Olive...
Careful, she burns.

Strong Girl

Pixie Davies as Bronwyn Bruntly...
Don’t judge this book by her cover.


Cameron King as Millard Nullings...
You’ll never know he’s there, unless he wants you to. 

From an isolated Welsh island to the beating heart of Victorian London, Ransom Rigg's trilogy takes you deep into a world you could never have imagined in three incredible volumes, each illustrated with real-life photographs of the bizarre, the terrifying and the wonderful...

Do you dare to read on?




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