The Bestseller Formula

Posted on 3rd July 2015 by Waterstones
Is there a way to write the perfect bestselling book?
What makes a bestseller? Can you distill what makes a bestselling book into its constituent parts?

To find out, we analysed the ten bestselling books from each of the last ten years to discover what, if any, similarities they share. Could we find out how to create the perfect bestseller?

After many months of meetings and arguments, we've put together the below formula. Simply follow its steps for a guaranteed bestselling book*.

*success not guaranteed

The Crime Law Protocol
Jake "Casecracker" Cumberland is a real lawyer's lawyer, and a real detective's detective. In fact, when detectives need a lawyer or lawyers need a detective, it's him they come to too. He's a busy guy. There's not a lot that Washington's hottest public defender can't do – except solve his latest case.

It seems an ancient order of boy wizards have been causing havoc all over the world, and Jake's beat calls him to their trail on the mean streets of New York. People are disappearing left, right and centre. Could Jack's estranged ex-wife – the enigmatic, bondage-loving Miramica Dolores – have something to do with it? (Spoiler: Yes.)

With a white-knuckle blend of crime, young adult and contemporary fiction in a pulse-pounding plot that spans the globe, but with long bits in Washington, New York and London, The Crime Law Protocol is the bestseller other bestsellers wish they could be.


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