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How the Eagle Landed: Apollo 11, an Infographic Guide

Posted on 6th September 2017 by Martha Greengrass

Apollo is an extraordinary visual history of the iconic space programme, based on recently released NASA data about the various missions of that name. Using beautifully designed infographics, Apollo takes us through all the astonishing facts and figures, as well as some quirky little-known details, and gives us a detailed and elegant history of the seventeen missions which saw twelve humans step on the surface of the moon.

To introduce the book, author Zack Scott  presents an exclusive preview, a sneak peak into the infographics of Apollo 11 and the incredible individuals who made that journey.

Space has always fascinated me – inconceivably huge and deadly, and full of mysteries to be discovered. Mankind's first attempt to venture through this hostile environment to land on another world is something I find similarly enthralling: the size and scale of the operation, as well as the risk involved. Just as Apollo 11 captivated millions around the world back in 1969, today, nearly 50 years on, the Apollo program is still just as impressive.

I'm very pleased to bring you Apollo, in which I present as many of the facts and figures associated with the equipment, missions and astronauts as possible, in a way that won't wreck your head.

Zack Scott joined the Royal Air Force at the age of twenty, where he worked as an aircraft technician for several years. He then returned to civilian life to work on high-speed trains, before pursuing his lifelong passion for design. 

Apollo: The extraordinary visual history of the iconic space programme is published on 7 September 2017.


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