Frank Turner's dream festival line-up

Posted on 23rd March 2015 by Frank Turner
This article is almost certainly the first time that Matmos have been mentioned within the confines of the Waterstones Blog. As a result we've spent most of the day relistening to 'A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure' and 'The Marriage of True Minds'. Now ESP will be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. This whole opening paragraph, of course, is getting away from the entire point of this post. Which musicians would Frank Turner have at his ideal musical festival and will you be attending any of his Waterstones signing dates?


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Quite simply the greatest rock n roll band of their generation. Every single time they play they just blow the entire audience away.


They’ve always been one of my favourite bands. The last time I saw them live was headlining Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee a few years ago. They were just sublime – so many hits.

The Band, performing The Last Waltz 

This was a concert in the mid 70s where The Band played their final show and were joined by this amazing list of guest stars. So I’m definitely cheating here, as you get all these great acts thrown in – Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, the list goes on. Scorsese made a documentary of the show, but it would be such a spectacle to see it live and in person.

Other acts on the bill...


I just love them. They’re the original English folk punk band. I saw a film about them the other day actually, and it reminded me of what a great live band they are.


I’m talking mid-1993 era Nirvana, right before In Utero came out. That’s when they were at their absolute peak.

Black Flag 

I’d go for the 1981 5-piece line-up. I have a VHS tape of one of the shows from '81 and it is just amazing – they were so powerful.


But it has to be Matmos as her backing band. Whenever they collaborate the results are amazing.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Because they are just awesome, no other reason needed.

The Weakerthans

I can’t understand why they aren’t the biggest band in the planet. If they played for 100 years solid I would stand and watch it and would just cry all the way through.


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