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Fleur de Force answers our questions

Posted on 12th February 2015 by Fleur de Force
Fleur de Force, author of the newly published The Glam Guide, is a fashion and beauty blogger with over one million YouTube subscribers. Below she talks about how the YouTube community has changed over the years, what she'd do different if she started again and what she's going to do next.

Considering your background is almost entirely online, what is it about writing a book that appealed to you?

I think there is something magical about holding a real, hard copy of your own work. You engage with it in a totally different way than you do with online content. I feel like it's allowing me to share a different type of content with my audience too. Some of the content that wouldn't work that well online, fits perfectly into a book!

How has your blog and YouTube account changed since when you first began writing/recording?

The production quality has definitely improved! I was filming everything on my webcam for the first year or so! Other than that, the content has remained pretty constant really. I've definitely started to integrate more fashion content in there, but the overall style and audience has stayed the same.

How has the YouTube community changed over the years?

It's developed from a small community of girls doing it as a fun hobby into a legitimate industry in the time I've been making videos! It's been great to see it grow and develop throughout the years.

When you began did you have any idea what you were starting?

Absolutely not! I just thought it would be a fun hobby and a good distraction from being bored at university.

Would you do anything different with what you’ve learned over the last few years?

No, I think I've just learnt and grown from everything over the years so I wouldn't go back and change anything.

Do you strangely miss the early days?

I do sometimes miss the raw appeal of YouTube from the very beginning. Now everyone's quite professional and I think some of the personal, raw charm gets lost sometimes.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a vlogger?

I think I'd probably be working in marketing and events!

What’s it like getting instant feedback from your fans?

Amazing! It allows you to react and respond instantly, and helps you create content that you know your fans are going to love!

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are about to fall into a volcano. You can only save one. Which one? Why?

YouTube! It's where I started, so it will always be my fave! 

The obligatory question…What’s your favourite book?

That's such a hard question! Gotta be Lord of The Rings! 

And, finally, what’s next?

I've got a couple of REALLY exciting, big projects coming up this year, but I can't talk about them (It's killing me to keep quiet, I'm sorry!)


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