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Five Things We Loved This Week

Posted on 8th January 2016 by Sally Campbell
Our literary round up of the last seven days.

1. We like what we’ve done with our hair.

OK, yes, this is a little self-congratulatory, but we love being booksellers. Both the titles in our first Book Club of the year, and those that comprise our first Books of the Month, are phenomenal. Take a look. Oh, and if you want to purchase them from our brand new store on Tottenham Court Road, be our guest. We are as proud of the new shop as a parent is of a new child - except our new child has a bar and will soon be selling vinyl. Children grow up so fast these days… 


2. We love Neil Gaiman.

There are few things in life that never let you down. But Neil Gaiman is one of them. I say that, of course, about his writing, as I have no idea if he is always late or loses his phone all the time and doesn’t text back. What I mean is that the man can write anything and we would love to read it. He could publish his dry-cleaning receipts and we would pour over them. As it is, he has just announced the release of a collection of his non-fiction, A View from The Cheap Seats, at the end of May – which is only, roughly, one hundred and forty days away. Not that we are counting.


3. Emma Watson starts a Feminist Book Group

Emma Watson, known for her roles in Harry Potter and The Bling Ring, as well as her recent work with the UN, has announced she will be starting a Feminist book club. She has also just announced that the title of the club will  be 'Our Shared Shelf' and that she will be inviting J. K. Rowling and Taylor Swift to join the club. Can we just say this is a fantastic idea – the more that people read about, and understand, Feminism, the better.  

4. Zdravstvujtye (trans. Hello), War and Peace!

Have you always wanted to visit St Petersburg, but have never bought a ticket? Do you love historical dramas and are still unsure what to watch now that Downton is over? And have you always wanted to read War and Peace but just never found the time? Then the BBC has the show for you: a six part adaptation of Tolstoy’s epic novel that, from the trailer, looks like a fantastically sumptuous and dramatic production - one that will, no doubt, have you all reaching for a Russian Guidebook and a fur hat. Plus, there are numerous, brilliant adaptations to choose from at the moment, take a look at our list of the books that inspired them.

5. We have almost raised £1 million.

Our campaign to raise money for Oxfam’s Syria Crisis Appeal has almost reached the million pounds mark – as of this morning, we have reached 86% of our target. Thank you to every one of you who bought a book. Needless to say, we still could use your help in reaching one million pounds, so please do use January Blues as an excuse and buy a few more books.


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