Five Things We Loved This Week

Posted on 18th September 2015 by Sally Campbell
Our literary round up of the last seven days

1. The Man Booker Shortlist –

If you missed Tuesday’s announcement of the Man Booker Prize shortlist– where have you been? You are in for a treat – they are electric. (The Electric Six, you could say? Remember them? No… OK). Broader in scope, it has been argued, than previous years’, the six books make a diverse and thrilling set.

2. Pratchett Costume Event –

We love Terry Pratchett every week …but this week in particular, we showed our love with a phenomenal ‘dress-up’ event at the Piccadilly shop.  It was, of course, to celebrate his final novel, The Shepherd’s Crown, and to shed a few tears for the loss of the great man. 

3. Harry Potter Colouring Books –

Colouring books have gone global – everyone and their dog has embraced the calming activity as an antidote to hectic, modern living. Now, it's time to colour your own Harry Potter adventure – fans will be excited to know that the book features sketches used to make the films.

 4. From Russia With Love  –

Just announced: Chekhov’s is Alive! No, you heard me correctly. Next Friday, Google Russia, together with the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, and the Russian Book Union, is planning to attract 500 readers - ordinary Internet users and celebrities - to read over 50 stories and plays by Chekhov, turn by turn, from different locations all over the world. The 24 hour reading marathon will be broadcasted live on YouTube and via Google+ Hangouts. Tune in to hear the master of the short story’s work come alive.


5.  Hold on to your hats –

There are so many releases due next week, we are just glad we won’t have to wait much longer. And the books are going to fly off the shelves…literally, watch out - you are going to have to catch them with a net.




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