Five Things We Loved This Week

Posted on 30th October 2015 by Sally Campbell
Our literary round-up of the last seven days

1. Halloween

If you are into horror, then Halloween is your Christmas – pumpkin carving beats hanging holly, films are decidedly more John Carpenter-y and less Great Escape-y, and you get to dress as a maniac instead of a version of your awkward Sunday Best self…and to put you in the festive mood, we have had a Halloween Spooktacular on our blog this week. And there are two more scarily good articles to come, on the big day, tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled…

2. David Mitchell and John Connolly Halloweening at Piccadilly

Tomorrow night, David Mitchell and John Connolly are going to fight to the death in Waterstones Piccadilly. No, of course not. The two highly renowned authors are going to be in conversation, discussing the ghoulish, the ghastly and the just plain nasty. Waterstones Piccadilly will be transformed into a creepy wonderland in celebration of David Mitchell’s frightening new book, Slade House –we will all try not to go a little mad during the proceedings…

3. Erica Jong’s Fear of Dying

Erica Jong is a woman unafraid to speak her mind – or to make us laugh until our sides split while doing it. Jong is the bestselling author of Fear of Flying and she has long been celebrated for her frankness and her humour when dealing with feminist issues. Her new book, Fear of Dying, is hilarious. Somehow, it manages to look at all the nuances and hypocrisies of womanhood without ever letting up the pace or being boring for a minute.

4. The William Hill Sports Book of the Year Shortlist

Sport makes us scream and it makes us cry – and it brings us together too. Well, so does the best sports writing. The William Hill Sports Book of the Year is the longest running sports writing award – and is the most highly acclaimed – and this week, they announced their hotly debated shortlist. Football is, of course, well represented on the shortlist– but there are books about cricket, boxing and bobsledding  too. Have a look at Donald McRae’s A Man’s World, the favourite to win this year’s award – it is a moving and bold look at homosexuality in sport.

5. Bond, James Bond

Well, if you weren’t aware that the film is out, then you need to get out more. And if you haven’t seen it…oh, you have? Well, can you tell me if it is as good as it looks? I haven’t had a chance yet… Meantime, we have a list of spectacular Bond spy novels to keep you going until the next film.


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