Five Things We Loved This Week

Posted on 2nd October 2015 by Sally Campbell
Our literary round up of the last seven days Our Buy Books For Syria campaign launched on Monday, and we are honoured to do what we can
  1. Our Buy Books For Syria campaign launched on Monday, and we are honoured to do what we can. Our aim is to raise £1 million for Oxfam's Syria Crisis Appeal, and there has already been a fantastic response from the media and the public. The brilliant selection of books, with 100% of proceeds going to Oxfam, can be found here.

  2. Harry Potter, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes…we just keep coming up with classics. The Empire is over, our political influence has diminished, our industries may have gone…but one thing that renowned historian, Dominick Sandbrook, suggests in his new thing makes us a superpower:  the British imagination. And the book, The Great British Dream Factory: The Strange History of our National Imagination, is out now!

  3. The smooth and edgy Baileys Women's Prize For Fiction is celebrating turning 20 with a star-studded event: The Best of the Best Live at Piccadilly on Monday 2nd November - featuring Stanley Tucci (!), Sheila Handcock and Kate Mosse. Tickets are on sale now!

  4. The Cheltenham Literature Festival is underway! Ten days of literally literary heaven – whether you are in to Caitlin Moran or Boris Becker – there is a talk for you. And Cheltenham itself is a beautiful place.   Go – mill about – soak in the author-ly vibes. And if you can't make it, we have a selection of Q & A's with some of the attending authors here on the blog. Take a look.

  5. We had an argument in the office as to what was better, A. the fact that Cindy Crawford is at Waterstones Piccadilly today, Or..... B. The fact that it is 100 years since the publication of Kafka’s Metamorphosis… delete as appropriate, I suppose!



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