Eight of our favourite chalkboards

Proof, if it were even needed, of the artform of the bookshop chalkboard

Posted on 6th July 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
We love a good bookshop chalkboard and we're lucky enough to have many talented booksellers out there who make some of the best. To celebrate their work, we've searched your posts on Instagram and found eight of our favourites from Waterstones bookshops across the country. We hope you enjoy them and, if you see a chalkboard you love whilst out and about, take a picture and let us know!

Fuchsia_blue found the rules to life outside our Edinburgh store.

Our own rdtune of Waterstones on Gower Street, London, can be thanked for the recent heatwave (or blamed, depending on your likelihood of sunburn).

Some fantastic advice given to k.camu.

ellie_chiv discovered a way of life outside, we think, our Blackpool shop.

A perfectly chosen Jeanette Winterson quote outside Kensington High Street.

We're pretty sure that luciamontes agrees with Dr. Seuss here. 

Our second Dr. Seuss quote in a row just goes to show that you can never have too much Dr. Seuss. Photo taken by oliviacharlotte04

And, finally, Waterstones Newcastle have the answer to living a happy life. Thanks to sarahs2808 for this one.


jane hipwood

Fantastic!! More blogs like this please....the pile of new books by my bed increases weekly, love literature and probably need to retire in order to read all that i need/want to!! View more

jane hipwood
26th July 2015
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