Do not use under water and other useful book advice

Posted on 18th April 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
Some of the best book advice we've ever received has come from the back of the CGP revision guides.

Like many people, the CGP revision guides are burned into my mind. Who would have thought that staring at a particular set of books for hours would mean never being able to forget them? Of course, as is often the way, the main thing I remember about the mnow is their fantastic pieces of book advice on the back covers. I've never used a book under water since.


This one is my favourite. Other people may have kept it until the end of the post to end on a high but nope, bam. Open with the best. I have so many questions that I don't even know where to start.


As anybody who's been stuck behind a book on the motorway will know.


And therefore entirely safe to forward to your friends.


1984 meets Fahrenheit 451.


The shyest book in recorded history?


Look, it's a truth we all have to live with.


This also functions as a useful test. Any teenager who sits there clicking their book probably needs to do more revision.


Books haven't come with croutons since the end of the Net Book Agreement. Just one of many things the industry still gets angry about.


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