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Deadpool - an introduction

Posted on 10th February 2016 by Asa Wheatley
Don't know where to begin with Deadpool? Want to see the film but need some context? Bookseller Asa Wheatley introduces the Marvel character and suggest your background reading list ahead of the film's release.
Taking a break from our usual feature of Comics for the Uninitiated, I wanted to look at some of the best Deadpool graphic novels on offer to expand your knowledge with the new film released today.

One of the most popular comic book characters at the moment, Deadpool is a hilarious, fourth-wall-breaking, self-healing mutant with a love for tacos and violence and really what more could you ask for from the Merc with a Mouth? Although there are many great stories featuring Deadpool, these are some of his best and are all easily accessible to new readers.

Deadpool Vol. 3

Deadpool has always relied heavily on his humorous side and what better way to ensure that the new series is going to be funny than hire brilliant comedians to write it. Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan jump from one crazy ridiculous story to the next in this perfectly fitting series as Deadpool fight Presidents, pirates and even manages to get married. A variety of incredible artists bring their own flare to the series including; Declan Shelvey, Tony Moore and Scott Koblish. A great introduction to and expansion of the character this is probably the best on-going series featuring the Regenerating Degenerate since his inception.


Deadpool Classics

Classic by name classic by nature. This series contains some of the best Deadpool stories ever written with a range of creative teams across the board this is the series that defined Deadpool as the loveable mercenary he is today. From the original appearance of the character from writer Fabian Nicieza and writer/artist Rob Liefield, to Joe Kelly’s seminal run and the short lived but well loved Gail Simone run which includes the fantastic story where Deadpool shrinks larger than life Spider-Man villain, the Rhino, and puts him into a keyring to carry about on his adventures. For a more specific choice of volumes look to Volume 2 and Volume 9.


Uncanny X-Force

Although not the star of the book Deadpool does have some brilliant moments in this run of Uncanny X-Force from superstar writer Rick Remender and a cavalcade of fantastic artists including; Esad Ribic, Jerome Opena and Billy Tan. The X-Force is a covert black ops off shoot of the X-Men focusing on the jobs that the X-Men don’t want to be seen doing, led by furious Canadian fan favourite Wolverine. Deadpool is a bright, hilarious and ridiculous spark in this dark and gritty series that you could easily think wouldn’t work but it is a perfect fit for the Merc with a Mouth.


Definitive Deadpool

A new collection of Deadpool’s greatest hits from his very beginning to more recent stories, this collection is an easy jumping on point to the Deadpool world for those who want a mix of everything. With each writer and artist who has worked on Deadpool brining their own take to the character it is easy to get lost in where to start. This collection brings some of the best stories together for you to read and follow up on your favourites without having to commit to a multiple graphic novel story arc, before you know which creators you enjoy reading the most.




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