We asked Twitter for #ClickbaitBooks. You won't believe what happened next!

What would happen if books were Buzzfeed headlines? We turned to Twitter to find out and accidentally created a whole new form of book marketing. All in a day's work.

Posted on 30th April 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien

7 Things You Have To Destroy Before You Can Kill Voldemort

- @Waterstones

5 Speeches Your Best Friend Is Making Aside The Stage That May Indicate He Is Jealous Of Your Role As A Moorish General

- @lifebettergreen

10 Reasons Raskolnikov Isn't Above The Petty Morality Of Ordinary Man

- @WilkinsonSamuel

You'll Never Guess What We Talk About When We Talk About Love!

- @NathanaelBooth

This Boot Stamped On Humanity's Face – You'll Never Believe What Happened Next!

- @quarterto

Do We All Float Down Here? One Clown Says Yes

- @peterdamien

Are you the best of times or the worst of times? Take our quiz!

- @dancarpenter85

The Wild Things: Where are they now?

 - @thepunningman

We Put A Plane Full Of Boys On An Island With A Dead Pilot & A Pig. What Happened Next Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity.

 - @Scriblit

8 Rules of Fight Club You Shouldn't Talk About

- @mrdaveturner

You won't believe where Wally is!


Meet The Pig In Charge Of This Whole Farm!

- @robmesure

16 Things This Caterpillar Has Eaten Today.