Chris Riddell is the new Waterstones Children's Laureate!

Posted on 9th June 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
And also introducing the Fantastic 8, superheroes fighting for the cause of literacy! Children's Laureates, assemble!
We are huge fans of the Children's Laureates. Any position created by Ted Hughes and Michael Morpurgo solely to encourage children to read is fine by us. Today, we're delighted to announce that Chris Riddell, one of the country's most talented illustrators, has joined their ranks as the ninth Waterstones Children's Laureate!

Each Children's Laureate can choose how they promote their position. The outgoing Malorie Blackman started the wonderful Young Adult Literarature Convention and kickstarted Project Remix, amongst many other intiatives. The position lasts for two years and Chris Riddell is choosing to focus on the art of drawing.

“"During my term I want to use the immediacy and universality of illustration to bring people together and lead them all into the wonderful world of books and reading," said Riddell. 

Riddell's five point plan, above, also calls for more spaces in schools to be put aside purely for reading. 

“It’s surely bizarre that it is not a requirement for the very places where children will learn how to read, draw, think and create to have a space for books. I want to help and encourage every school to do more for readers: if they have nowhere to read, create a space with a few books; if they have a bookshelf, have two; if they have a reading room, aim for a library!” 

Considering his predecessors to be 'superheroes', Chris did what any illustrator would do. He turned all the previous Laureates into the Fantastic 8, superheroes for literacy! So, without further ado, let's introduce them!

Quentin Blake!


Anne Fine!

Michael Morpurgo!

Jacqueline Wilson!

Michael Rosen!

Anthony Browne!

Julia Donaldson!

Malorie Blackman!

And, introducing today, Chris Riddell!

Will the Fantastic 8 (and their new hero, The Doodler) make headway in their fight for literacy? As is often in the case in these matters, yes. Everybody knows that the superheroes always succeed. We look forward to their future adventures!


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