Children's Book of The Month: Time Travelling with a Hamster

Posted on 1st January 2016 by Sally Campbell
A hilarious and unforgettable tale from a stunning new children's writer, Ross Welford

Al Chaudhury is a little boy on a mission and he is taking his hamster with him.

From the title to the very last line, Time Travelling with a Hamster will make you smile. Full of heart and humour, it is a hilarious tale about the dangers of time-travel. Touching, fun and exciting by turns, this thrilling debut from Ross Welford, is going to take Children’s fiction by storm.

When Al Chaudhury discovers his late father’s time-machine, it seems inevitable what will happen next. Instead, the wild ride that ensues is entirely unpredictable and side-splittingly funny. Al gets himself into plenty of trouble, even managing to set his school on fire at one point, in this race-against-the-clock story.

Sure to be a hit with fans of Wonder, Time Travelling with a Hamster balances the silly with the meaningful; Al is on a quest to save his father’s life and parts of the book will move you to tears. It is a sweet, endearing book that will captures the hearts of all who read it.

Time Travelling with a Hamster is an unforgettable, madcap story from a bright new talent in Children’s fiction.


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