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Book Club - Love, Nina

Waterstones Book of the Year nominee Love, Nina is this week's Book Club Book of the Week...

Posted on 13th March 2014 by Dan Lewis Lewis

Love Nina"Dear Vic,

Being a nanny is great. Not like a job really, just like living in someone else’s life. Today before breakfast Sam had to empty the dishwasher and Will had to feed the cat.
Sam: I hate emptying the dishwasher.
MK: We all do, that’s why we take turns.
Will: I hate the cat.
MK: We all do, that’s why we take turns.
Sam: Anyway, Will, the cat hates you.
Will: Don’t talk shit, Sam.
Sam: Don’t say shit in front of the new nanny. (Drops cutlery on to the floor and shouts, ‘Trevor Brooking’)
Will: Don’t say Trevor Brooking in front of the new nanny.

Sam had porridge (made by me in a pan). Tea, no sugar. Pills. Will had grilled tomatoes with garlic (he made it himself, except for lighting the grill) and tea, three sugars. MK had hippy bread (not granary), toasted. Earl Grey, one eighth of a spoon of sugar. Lucas had Go‑Cat (chicken flavour), water.

We are very near the zoo, but they never go there. And nearish to Madame Tussaud’s but they never go there either. They never do the things you’d imagine. Apparently only people who don’t live in London do all that stuff. Real Londoners just go to secret places that tourists don’t know about, like Hampstead Heath. Our closest, Monopoly-wise, would be Oxford Street (green) or Euston Road (blue). But the funny thing is, how near everything is. You could walk pretty much anywhere. Distances seem further on the underground because you go all round the houses and not just from A to B.

Hope all’s well with you.

Love, Nina"


About Love, Nina

Shortlisted for our Waterstones Book the Year this biography tells the life of Nina Stibbe through her letters home to her sister, Vic. In the 1980s Nina moved from Leicester to London to become a nanny for a wealthy family living in Hampstead. This book is the collection of letters she wrote to her sister back home. Love, Nina is an hilarious and touching account of Stibbe’s experience, including encounters with the likes of Alan Bennett.


Nina Stibbe discusses putting the book together




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