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Jessie Greengrass Shares Her Favourite Novels on Siblings and Surviving Disasters

The author of The High House and Sight discusses five fantastic works of fiction that explore sibling love and dealing with catastrophes.

Tim Marshall on Why Geography Matters in Modern Politics

The author of the bestselling Prisoners of Geography discusses the importance of geography to global politics in the light of his latest book, The Power of Geography.

A UK Exclusive Q&A with Zadie Smith and Nick Laird on Weirdo

Zadie Smith and Nick Laird discuss their first ever picture book collaboration, the wildly wonderful Weirdo.

Jonathan Drori on the Stories Behind a Selection of British Plants

The author of Around the World in 80 Plants highlights a selection of plants that can be enjoyed without having to visit a botanical garden.

Maggie O'Farrell on the Significance of Names in Hamnet

Maggie O'Farrell, author of Hamnet, our Fiction Book of the Month for April, on why names - and namelessness - matter in this novel.

Ellie Game on Designing the Cover Art for Girl in the Walls

In this fascinating piece, designer Ellie Game recounts how she created the striking cover image for A.J. Gnuse's masterful gothic thriller.

Jonas Jonasson on the Joy of Waterstones

The author of Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd. explains how an experience in Waterstones made him fall in love with London.

B.P. Walter on His Favourite Domestic Thrillers

B.P. Walter, author of The Dinner Guest, our Thriller of the Month for April, selects five great crime novels based inside the family home.

Radiya Hafiza on the Importance of Revitalising Fairy Tales

Radiya Hafiza, author of Rumaysa, our Children's Book of the Month for April, explains why she found it vital to offer alternative narratives to traditional tales.