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Helen Rutter on How Her Son Lenny Inspired The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh

Helen Rutter, author of The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh, our Children's Book of the Month for March, on how her son inspired the book's creation.

Naoise Dolan on How Books Made Her Feel Less Alone, Then and Now

Naoise Dolan, author of Exciting Times, our Fiction Book of the Month for March, on how books have helped (and continue to help) her through difficult times.

Hadley Freeman on a Very Special Family History

Hadley Freeman, author of House of Glass, our Non-Fiction Book of the Month for March, describes the sensation of writing such an intensely personal work.

Sarah Vaughan on her Favourite Bad Mothers in Fiction

Sarah Vaughan, author of Little Disasters, our Thriller of the Month for March, runs through her pick of bad mothers in fiction.

An Exclusive Q&A with Kazuo Ishiguro on Klara and the Sun

Kazuo Ishiguro talks about his new novel Klara and the Sun in an exclusive Q&A for Waterstones.

Saima Mir on Her Favourite Books Featuring South Asian Women

Saima Mir, author of the enthralling crime thriller The Khan, selects books old and new that feature great female South Asian characters.

Emma Stonex on Women's Roles in the Lighthouse Service

Emma Stonex on the integral roles of the lighthouse keepers' wives in her astounding novel The Lamplighters.

After the Crisis of the Last Year: This Is How We Come Back Stronger

The editors of Feminist Book Society's This Is How We Come Back Stronger discuss the impetus behind their debut anthology.

Good Mothers in Fiction

We have picked eleven memorable fictional females who do an excellent job of being a mother.