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'Without Death You Wouldn't Live': Salena Godden on Mrs Death Misses Death

The acclaimed poet and writer Salena Godden talks about her debut novel, Mrs Death Misses Death.

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Abigail Dean on Her Favourite Books on Survival

Abigail Dean, the author of Girl A, shares her top five books that explore survival.

Amy Raphael Recommends 5 Children's Books Inspired by Folklore

Amy Raphael, the author of the enchanting The Forest of Moon and Sword, recommends five children's books that draw from folklore

Jon Sopel on the Fading Power of Donald Trump

Jon Sopel, the BBC's North America Editor, gives an insider's view of the damage recent events in Washington have done to the Trump legacy.

Q&A with Ruth Coker Burks on All the Young Men

Ruth Coker Burks, the author of All the Young Men, talks about caring for men with HIV and AIDS in conservative 1980s Arkansas.