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Rediscovered Classics: Bonjour Tristesse

The best books you've never read.

Fiction Book of the Month - The Versions of Us

Laura Barnett's brilliant debut examines how our smallest decisions can have the biggest effect on our lives.

Non-fiction Book of the Month - How Not to Be Wrong

Jordan Ellenberg's How Not to be Wrong shows how a little mathematical knowledge can reveal all in our complicated world.

Children's Book of the Month - The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

Our bookseller Isabel Popple introduces this June's Book of the Month while the author herself, Katherine Woodfine, talks about her own inspirations for the novel.

Fifty Shades of Grey returns...

EL James announces a new book in the series, this time from the point of view of Christian Grey.

Book Club: The Architect's Apprentice

A young boy and a white elephant arrive in Istanbul in Elif Shafak's wonderfully rich novel.

Book Club: The Opposite of Loneliness

A moving collection by Marina Keegan, a brilliant Yale student who sought to understand the world around her.

Opening Lines: The Mountain Can Wait

Sarah Leipciger's novel drops you deep into the icy wilderness of Canada and a desperate search for one man's son.

Weekend Reads - Eye: A renaissance of vision

From Gavin Francis's Adventures in Human Being, a fascinating and in-depth look into one of the things we take most for granted, our eyesight.