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"All art is about sacrifice on some level"

Best known for his non-fiction work Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics, ‘comics theorist’ Scott McCloud’s discusses his new graphic novel The Sculptor.

JQ Wingate Nominee: The Remains of Love by Zeruya Shalev

With the winner of the JQ Wingate Prize due to be announced soon, we're looking at a different nominee each day. Today read an extract from The Remains of Love by Zeruya Shalev .


Do you know that gnawing feeling after an interview where you suddenly realise you'd forgotten to ask about a few important details? Laird Hunt, author of Neverhome, wants to take a moment to say a few things he's missed in previous conversations...

Recipe: Tomato, feta and tapenade 'focaccia'

Anne Shooter's Sesame and Spice brings a modern take to traditional Middle Eastern recipes. Below we have Anne's recipe for tomato, feta and tapenade focaccia. This whole article is making us hungry and we've made the mistake of posting it three hours before lunch. Now to spend the rest of the morning trying not to let our stomachs distract us..

JQ Wingate Nominee: Netanya by Dror Burstein

With the winner of the JQ Wingate Prize due to be announced soon, we're looking at the different nominees. Today read an extract from Netanya by Dror Burstein.

Helena Coggan introduces The Catalyst

Helena Coggan wrote her first draft of The Catalyst when she was 13. Two years later and it's now the first in a three-book publishing deal. Below she rallies against what she perceives as the female stereotypes within YA fiction and how she's taking steps to make a difference.

From Wilderness to Waterstones

Abi Elphinstone faced almost 100 rejections for two different novels before the fourth book she wrote, The Dreamsnatcher, was picked up for publication. For any budding writers out there, here's a lesson in never giving up.

Merging bookshelves - the true test of a relationship

Thinking of taking the next step in your relationship with your loved one? Rob Chilver provides some advice on that biggest step of all - merging your bookshelves...

The best books of the last twenty years

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Bath Literature Festival, a panel of experts led by Viv Groskop has compiled a list of the twenty best books from the last twenty years.