Robert Muchamore

The creator of the CHERUB and Henderson's Boys series of spy thrillers for young readers.

26/12/1972 -

Robert Muchamore biography and information

  • After working for a private investigation firm for 12 years, Robert Muchamore left his job to write full time in mid-2006.
  • The author later admitted to fans that his job came to an end following a bust-up - when he threw a box of antiseptic wipes at his boss. (He missed, only denting the ceiling.)
  • The CHERUB series follows the life of James Adams (formerly James Choke), a member of CHERUB - a top-secret British Intelligence division.
  • The organisation recruits children - usually orphans - and trains them as spies. Once they are qualified, the young agents are sent all over the world to bring down criminal organisations. Few criminals are likely to suspect their offspring's new school friend of hacking into their computer, planting bugs in their house, and tracking their every move.

Book and writing awards

Red House Children's Book Award 2005 (The Recruit).

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"Kids really invest and believe in characters in a way that adults don't" Robert Muchamore

Posted on 13th Oct, 2012

One Shot Kill is the latest entry in the Henderson's Boys series from children's author Robert Muchamore. He talks about the book as well as the challenges faced making a CHERUB film, and the pleasures of writing characters over a series of novels.