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Octavia E. Butler

Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of Science Fiction.

22/06/1947 -

Octavia E. Butler biography and information

Californian-born Science Fiction writer Octavia E. Butler was drawn to reading the genre early in her life, through magazines like Amazing, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Galaxy. Described as paralytically shy and a daydreamer, she began writing stories as a hobby whilst 10 years old.

Her Lilith's Brood series, originally titled theXenogenesis trilogy, take place in a world suffering in the aftermath of nuclear war or, 'humanicide'. The surviving humans are abducted by an alien race known as the Oankali who seek to trade genes with the humans to stave off evolutionary stagnation. Whilst telling a story set many years in the future, it evokes a similar narrative to slavery in the 18th century.

Butler has written many other works including Kindred, her most successful novel, theParable series and another novel, Fledgling.

Book & Writing Awards:

Hugo and Nebula Awards

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