Marina Lewycka

Born in a refugee camp, Marina Lewycka is the author of We Are All Made of Glue...

Marina Lewycka biography and information

  • Marina Lewycka is a British novelist of Ukrainian origin, currently living in Sheffield, England.

  • She was born in a refugee camp in Kiel, Germany after World War II. Her family subsequently moved to England where she now lives.

  • She graduated from Keele University in 1968 with BA in English and Philosophy and from the University of York with a BPhil in English Literature in 1969. 

  • Lewycka's debut novel A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian was translated into thirty-five languages, including Chinese, Romanian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, and Catalan.

  • Her second novel, Two Caravans was shortlisted for the 2008 Orwell Prize for political writing. In the United States and Canada it is published under the title Strawberry Fields.

  • Lewycka's third novel We Are All Made of Glue was released in July 2009 and her fourth novel Various Pets Alive and Dead came out in March 2012. 

Book and writing awards

Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize 2005, Waverton Good Read Award 2005/6, Saga Award for Wit 2005 (A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian).

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