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Danny Wallace

Journalist, author, script-writer, and producer

16/11/1976 -

Danny Wallace biography and information

Danny Wallace is a writer and television presenter. His first solo book, Join Me, was described as a "word-of-mouth phenomenon" by The Bookseller and "one of the funniest stories you will ever read" by the Daily Mail.

Yes Man was his second book. It was described as "hilarious" by more than four national newspapers, and Richard Madeley. The book was adapted into a movie starring Jim Carey in 2008.

'Take the stupidest thing you've ever done. At least it's done. It's over. It's gone. We can all learn from our mistakes and heal and move on. But it's harder to learn or heal or move on from something that hasn't happened; something we don't know and is therefore indefinable; something which could very easily have been the best thing in our lives, if only we'd taken the plunge, if only we'd held our breath and stood up and done it, if only we'd said yes.' (Excerpt from Yes Man)

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