The Searchable Big Book of Library Grant Money (CD-ROM)

by The Taft Group for ALA

Format: CD-ROM

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Customized for library grant-seekers, this CD-ROM offers a powerful electronic tool for searching more than 2000 profiles of library-friendly corporate and foundation givers. Like the print series "Big Book of Library Grant Money" (1996), published by ALA Editions, it draws on the detailed Gale/Taft funding databases. It is pre-screened to contain only those funders that have either given to libraries recently or reported that they would be receptive to library grant proposals. A licensed subset of Gale/Taft's "Prospector's Choice" database for general grant-seeking, it provides the same user-friendly search engine, same profiles, same Windows views, same query and indexing systems, same Gale customer support. The difference: library grant-seekers pay only for the subset of library givers, saving roughly half the price of the full "Prospector's Choice" data set. Searches can be made by (or by combinations of) grantmaker location, company headquarters, state, location of grant recipient, grant type, and non-monetary type or recipient type. Within each record, search fields include contact information, financial summary, contribution summary, officers and directors, application information, grants analysis, recent grants, and more. An "Alma Mater Index" provides background data on individuals as a further search point. The technical requirements are: 80386 or higher IBM-compatible PC (80486DX recommended); Windows 3.1, 3.11 or '95; SVGA graphics card and monitor; 4 megabytes RAM (8 recommended); 5 megabyte free hard disk space; ISO 9660 CD-ROM player (double speed or faster recommended); Microsoft CD-ROM extensions (MSCDEX) 2.2 or higher (standard with most CD-ROM drives); Windows compatible mouse or pointing device.

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