Historical Science Experiments on File (Hardback)

by The Diagram Group

Format: Hardback 288 pages

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On File "TM" is our award-winning collection of visual reference materials. Each On File "TM" depicts complex subjects in a way that both engages and informs students and researchers. These flexible resources fit into every curriculum.
-- Instructors can use the pages for handouts, overheads, posters, and testing.
-- Students can use them as quick sources of information, to reference curriculum topics, or to supplement their essays and reports.
-- On Files "TM" are available in either binder or electronic format.
-- All of the maps, charts, diagrams, and illustrations are designed in clean black-and-white graphics and are printed on sturdy pages.
-- Pages are housed in durable three-ring binders.
-- Replacement pages are available if they are lost or stolen.

Recaptures the Excitement of History's Scientific Breakthroughs

Historical Science Experiments On File "TM" offers more than sixty-five hands-on projects that both students and teachers can use to recreate the groundbreaking work of such pioneers as Archimedes, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Robert Hooke, and Hugo Marie de Vries. Its multidisciplinary approach permits students to view the experiment and the scientist who conducted it in a historical context.

The experiments span all fields of science, including chemistry, biology, botany, life sciences, and physics. Each entry carries all the information the student needs to recreate the experiment:
-- A description of the original procedure
-- Time requirements
-- A detailed list of materials
-- Safety precautions
-- Step-by-step procedures
-- An analysis of results.

A Biography of Each Scientist

This resourcealso carries supplemental information to enrich the student's appreciation of the experiment, including an introduction and a short biography of the scientist that includes a timeline of the important events in the subject's life in the context of world events.

Partial Table of Contents:



Rey: Burning Metals into Ash

Black: Discovery of Carbon Dioxide

Lane: Carbon Dioxide and the Formation of Rust

Kirchhof: Starch Is Made Up of Sugar Units

Life Sciences

Harvey: Discovering the Circulation of the Blood

Hooke: Discovery of Cells in Cork

Beaumont: The Process of Digestion

Darwin: Growth Movements in Plants

Morgan: Sex Linkage in Fruit Flies

Mechanics and General Physics

Archimedes: The Principles of Levers

Galileo: The Periodic Time of a Pendulum Is Constant

Hooke: The Science of Stretching

Young: Measuring the Strength and Elasticity of Materials

Electricity and Magnetism

Gilbert: Electrics and Nonelectrics

Norman: Discovery of Magnetic Dip

Volta: The Voltaic Pile

Oersted: The Electromagnetic Field

Ohm: Current, Voltage, and Resistance

Light and Sound

Alhazen: Looking at Eclipses

Snell: The Law of Refraction of Light

Newton: Newton's Rings

Herschel: Discovery of Infrared Rays

Chladni: Vibration of Metal Plates

Ritter: Discovery of Ultraviolet Rays

Heat and Energy

Galileo: How Hot Is Hot?

Charles: Charles' Law

Boyle: Measuring the "Spring" of Air

Leidenfrost: The Lifetime of Droplets on Very Hot Surfaces

Faraday: Investigating the Properties of Candle Flames

Black: Hidden Heat.

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