Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier (eBook)

by Terry Darlington

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At seventy-five, Terry and Monica Darlington had done everything they could think of doing, including building a business and becoming athletes and running a literary society. Lately they had become boating adventurers and Terry a bestselling writer.

In their Midlands canal town in November, life was looking dull and short on surprises.

Then their famous canal boat was destroyed by fire. Within a few days they had bought a new one and they headed north in the Phyllis May 2 - to Liverpool, Lancaster, York, the Pennines and Wigan Pier. Terry recorded the journey and alongside it the story of his life and his marriage and his whippet Jim, with his broken ear like a flat cap, and Monica?s whippet Jess, the Flying Catastrophe.

Another classic Narrow Dog book, this gloriously funny, affecting and beautifully told story brims with canals and rivers and whippets, and adventures all over the world, and the famous and fascinating people the Darlingtons have met.

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