Christian Faith for Thinking People (eBook)

by Stephen A. Hayes

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Here is a book for our times, a passionate affirmation of Christian belief that faces the issues directly.   In 29 chapters Stephen Hayes presents basic Christian beliefs and does so in light of many of the sharp questions of today.  He argues that we have to be honest about the many problems in the Bible. How do we respond to biblical criticism, to atheist attacks on belief, to evolution, to obvious problems in the book of Revelation? What is its Theology?  Generally Conservative but not Fundamentalist, yet wide open to modern biblical studies. The Bible is seen as both a human and a divine book, yet one through which God continues to speak to us.  Here is a thoughtful discusssion of theology that matters dealing with issues that often perplex us. Here is the ancient faith of the church, yet expressed within the questions and tensions of today. Here, too, is guidance for practical Christian living dealing with questions that thinking people have today about Christian faith and life.  

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