Dead Man Running (eBook)

by Ross Coulthart, Duncan McNab

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A first hand account of perhaps the most powerful and influential crim group currently operating in Australia and North America. It is the first time ever that an insider has told the true and chilling story of the bike gangs that dominate the drug and illegal weapons trade.

They'll come after me. I really am a dead man running.'

'We are the people our parents warned us about' is the motto of the Bandidos, one of the world's most feared outlaw motorcycle gangs. For ten years, Steve Utah was a Bandidos insider. He arranged the security of their clubhouses and electronic surveillance and counter surveillance. He 'cooked' ectasy and ice for them. He was at meetings where interstate and overseas drug and weapons smuggling was planned. He saw stolen military weapons, including deadly rocket launchers, being sold. He witnessed vicious beatings, and helped dump corpses. Men were executed in front of him.

It all became too much and, in an attempt to regain control of his life, Utah resorted to the unthinkable: he rolled over to the police and became an informant. He had intimate knowledge of every facet of the Bandidos' business in Australia and many aspects of their activities in North America. He literally knew where the bodies were buried.

This shocking, unflinching and tragic story is Steve Utah's confession. He knows that inevitably the Bandido code will be honoured and he will be silenced. He is a dead man running.

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