Tips for Using Your Slow Cooker (eBook)

by Phyllis Pellman Good

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From the Fix-It and Forget-It slow-cooker experts, and the thousands of followers of the Fix-It and Forget-It blog and Facebook page, comes a book chock-full of tips for using your slow cooker. This is the book to turn to, whatever your slow-cooker question or dilemma. For example:

  • Do I really have to brown the meat before putting it into the slow cooker, even if the recipe tells me to do that? 
  • Can I cook a dish in half the time on High if the recipe tells me to cook it on Low?
  • How can I convert a stove-top or oven recipe so that it can be cooked in a slow cooker?
  • How do I keep chicken breasts from overcooking in a slow cooker? 
  • I don't have a baking insert. How do I bake a cake without one in my slow cooker?
  • How can I get meat loaf or lasagna out of the slow cooker without breaking it and ruining its appearance?

    The collection includes real-life-tested tips, plus stories of slow-cooker successes and disasters, unusual discoveries, and slow cookers' role in special occasions. A handy resource for new and experienced cooks, from those who love their slow cookers and have learned by doing. 

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