War and Border Crossings (eBook): Ethics When Cultures Clash

by Peter A. French, Jason A. Short, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Terence Ball, Linell Cady, Shaun Casey, Martin Cook, David Cortright, Richard Dagger, Amitai Etzoni, Félix Gutiérrez, Mitchell R. Haney, George Lucas, Oscar J. Martinez, Joan McGregor, Christopher McLeod, Jeffrie Murphy, Brian Orend, Darren Ranco, Roberto Suro, Rebecca Tsosie, Angela Wilson

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War and Border Crossings brings together renowned scholars to address some of the most pressing problems in public policy, international affairs, and the intercultural issues of our day. Contributors from widely varying disciplines discuss cross-cultural ethical issues and international topics ranging from American international policy and the invasion and occupation of Iraq to domestic topics such as immigration, the war on drugs, cross-cultural bioethics and ethical issues involving American Indian tribes. The culture clashes discussed in these essays raise serious questions about what principles ought to inform the negotiating of conflicts in order to achieve, or at least approach, outcomes that are fundamentally just, fair, responsible, and ethical.

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