The Last Winter of Dani Lancing (eBook)

by P.D. Viner

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Something very bad happened to Dani Lancing.

Twenty years later, her father is still trying to get her to talk.

Her best-friend has become a detective, the last hope of all the lost girls.

And her mother is about to become a killer.

A hauntingly original debut that will stay with you long after the last page.


Patty turns to leave and catches sight of herself in the mirror. Blood is smeared on her glasses and arcs over her cheek, sweeping across her right eye. She draws back from her reflection, horrified for a second and then... exhilarated. She would like to keep it forever, a red badge of courage.

From somewhere far-off she hears Jim ask her: 'Patty, what would your superpower be?' She whispers into the dark. 'To bring back the dead.'

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