The Fourth Branch (eBook)

by Michael Rees

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I have come to the conclusion that our national government has gotten itself infested with an unknown but large number of people who do not have the best interests of the people, the country or the planet as a whole at heart. Instead they are some combination of: totally unproductive, or wasteful in the extreme, or corrupt, or criminal, which includes those who have no concept of right or wrong and those who appear to be pursuing goals harmful to the country and to the individual citizen.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that more than a few such people have inserted themselves into positions of power. Worse, they have assisted others of their kind into supporting positions of power, so that it seems very hard to root them out.

It's a simple book; one that I hope doesn't take you too long to read. YouÕve read enough already to form some idea of whether you might agree with this conclusion. If not, skip it. Do something that seems more interesting to you. But if you think there might be something to this, read on. I will briefly discuss some events, and portions of the US government, that I think illustrate the likelihood of what I described in paragraphs one and two above being true.

Chapter Two outlines a proposed solution for this dilemma facing all of us: How can we keep our government efficient, inexpensive and honest? Can anything be done about it? I take the position that the answer to that question is yes."

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