Easy Russian for English Speakers, Volume 3 (MP3): Speak Russian in Colour; Express Emotions; Discuss Weather, Art, Music, Film, Likes and Dislikes

by Max Bollinger, Max Bollinger

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This Russian language audio course includes elements of Russian grammar, vocabulary and cultural content complete with dialogues and texts recorded by native Russian speakers together with English guide in every module. Each lesson focuses on specific theme and in this volume we cover colours, emotions, likes, dislikes, seasons, weather, art, music. Grammar and phonetics include difficult Russian sounds, gender of Russian nouns, use of pronouns, adjectives and introduction into Russian case system. Cultural content includes short poems, listening to Russian weather forecast, use of weather talk as conversation filler, reading popular fairy tales in original, basic table manners, and social etiquette.


01 Gender of Russian Nouns

02 Pronouns Utensils and Table Manners

03 Speaking Russian in Colour

04 Russian Red Riding Hood

05 Russian Weather Talk

06 Seasons Months and Difficult Sounds

07 Emotions Likes and Dislikes

08 Art Music and Film in Russian

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