Heroes (eBook): Saviours, Traitors and Supermen (TEXT ONLY)

by Lucy Hughes-Hallett

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A compelling story of heroism told through eight famous lives – from Achilles to Sir Francis Drake – which demonstrates the continuing importance of the need for heroes in the modern age. Beginning beneath the walls of Troy, ending in 1930s Europe, 'Heroes' is a compelling evocation of heroism through eight famous lives – Achilles, Odysseus, Alcibiades, Cato, El Cid, Francis Drake, Wallenstein and Garibaldi. Not necessarily all good – sometimes quite the reverse – but all great, they possessed a charisma, a strength of will powerful enough to persuade those around them that they alone could do the incredible and unprecedented. It is a story of morality and dictatorship; money and sorcery; seduction and mass hysteria.

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