Shanxi – Guidebook Chapter (eBook)

by Lonely Planet

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This eBook offering is an excerpt of Lonely Planet's latest China guide book and includes:

• Shanxi chapters

• Understanding China

• Shanxi maps

Waist-deep in history, mountainous Shanxi meets virtually all your China travel expectations – picture-perfect ancient walled settlements, time-worn temples, Qing dynasty courtyard architecture, magnificent monastic architecture and some of the warmest people in the Middle Kingdom.

This guide is the result of research by dedicated authors and local experts who immersed themselves in Shanxi, finding unique experiences, and sharing practical and honest advice, so you come away informed and amazed. This guide includes up-to-date reviews of the best places to stay, eat, sights, cultural information, maps, transport tips and a few best kept secrets – all the essentials to get to the heart of Shanxi.

Coverage includes:

• Understanding China: China Today, History, People of China, Religion & Beliefs, Chinese Cuisine, Arts & Architecture, China's Landscape, Martial Arts of China

• Dàtóng & around, Wutái Shan & around, Tàiyuán & around, Píngyáo & around, Qìkou, Jìnchéng & around

Lonely Planet's China guide is researched and written by: Damian Harper, Min Dai, Michael Kohn, Robert Kelly, Daniel McCrohan, Shawn Low, Bradley Mayhew, Piera Chen, Chung Wah Chow, Christopher Pitts, David Eimer

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