National Insecurity (eBook): The Howard Government's Betrayal of Australia

by Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon, John Mathews

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Uncovers the truth behind the Howard Government's international trade treaties with the US and how crucial parts of Australia's domestic economy, international markets, defence and health security, research, energy policy and culture are being handed over to the US.

It's the most arresting political story of the past decade: the reckless trampling of Australia's interests in one sector after another by a government that vigorously promotes itself as the guardian of national security. Pulled together for the first time in this meticulously researched book, this story is little known and scarcely believable.

Seeking to tie its own political fortunes to its great and powerful friend, the Howard Government has contracted to transfer the farm, and much, much more to America Inc. Pursued with disturbing enthusiasm, the government's devious decisions have effectively undercut Australia's security, future prosperity, and cultural values.

National Insecurity probes the extraordinary details of how Australia's national interests have been systematically undermined by its own Prime Minister, and offers a compelling explanation for this pattern of betrayal.

'A stunning exposure of the way the Howard government is selling out Australia to the United States and why it is doing it. This is a must read for every real Australian.'

-Phillip Knightley, author of Australia: A Biography of a Nation

'Much of this book goes beyond my expertise but there is a theme and the chapters leave a significant question for all Australians. What does it mean to be Australian? I do not believe for one minute that the Government understands or knows what many Australians feel in their minds and hearts about this country. We are too close to the United States. We do not have to be that close to maintain the alliance and to be a good friend. We do not wish to be submerged by an all-pervasive, all-powerful United States or by global forces from outside the world. There is a sense of independence, of pride in Australia, shared, I believe, by people from every different background. This book seeks to expose what the authors believe is the undermining of that Australia, the erosion of self, the erosion of independence and of self-esteem. Different parts of the book will impact differently on different people but the questions and issues exposed in the book should be studied carefully.'

-Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser

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