How Not to Turn into Your Mother (eBook): For the Woman Who Loves Her Mother but Never Follows Mom's Advice

by Linda Sunshine

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Every time I yell at my kids, my mother's voice comes out. —Kelly Ripa

How Not to Turn into Your Mother is an uproarious view of the mother-daughter relationship, featuring What Not to Do! A Defense Manual for Daughters, and Alternative Solutions If You've Already Turned into Your Mother.

How many times do I have to tell you . . .

How many times have you caught yourself saying or doing the exact same thing your mother said/did (you know, the thing you swore you'd never say/do)? It's something you try to avoid your whole life-turning into your mother.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and found your mother (or worse, her body) staring back at you?

This tongue-in-cheek book offers hilarious advice and tips on how to avoid the snare of actually becoming her. And it's not too late; it even contains a special section if you've already turned into her.

Chapters such as Can Mom Read Your Mind? Yes! And Here's How She Does It! Seeking Self-Help: Stop Mothering Yourself, and even The Benefits of Sulking are all included.

How Not to Turn into Your Mother also features the Power Struggles Between Mommy and You chart, which follows the stages of development in your relationship from prenatal to old age, as well as a sample mother-daughter contract (should you need to go that far).

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