100 of the Best Curses and Insults in Italian (eBook): A Toolkit for the Testy Tourist

by Kirsten Hall

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For When You Need Just the Right Word

Travelling is fantastic -- we don't deny it. But sometimes when you're in another country, stuff happens. A thieving kid lifts your wallet, a cab driver nearly kills you, or a waiter charges you $25 for bottled water. You feel powerless without the ability to do what you really want to do -- curse them out.

And what's the use of knowing the right curse if you can't pronounce it correctly? The only thing you'll succeed in doing is looking like some lame tourist. But you don't have to look like an idiot anymore. Here are 100 of the best curses and insults in Italian, complete with an audio track featuring 25 curses and insults for your listening pleasure.

So the next time a texting teen in Rome knocks over your gelato or a snickering Prada saleswoman in Milan insults your waistline, you'll know precisely how to say, Vaffanculo!

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