All Work and No Play... (eBook)


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She's got mail! But who's it from? Jane Miller is great at her job. That's the best she can say about her life, seeing as her fiancé left her five days ago. Jonny Cole is a blast from Jane's past. Since he came back to England from California, they've been emailing. But they've not met face to face... They're about to hook up for a business lunch with his agent and he needs her not to recognise him – he needn't have worried, Jane simply doesn't associate her skinny, nerdy childhood friend with the beautiful male model in front of her! What she does see is the perfect antidote to her crushed heart. Can she allow herself a little playful flirtation? Who better to email for advice than her geeky childhood friend (the one who, unbeknownst to her, has been trying to get her to love him for years!) Jonny/ Jay has to decide which is more important: the truth or the girl?

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