No Tech Hacking (eBook): A Guide to Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, and Shoulder Surfing

by Johnny Long, Kevin D. Mitnick

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I'm Going Public with the Überest of the Über!
The real ninja skillz are yours for the knowing. Want to know how to suck data off a laptop with nothing but your mind? Poke your way into a corporate e-mail server without touching a keyboard? You think I'm kidding. I'm not. Want to slip inside a building and blend with the shadows? Or the smoke trick. The one that lets you pass through walls untouched, surrounded by a cool-looking (but smelly) cloud of smoke. How about sucking sensitive data from a corporate network from the parking lot? Without a wireless device. How about blending in with the feds? You can chat with them about...fed stuff, and they'll accept you as one of their own. All this and more. The underground is gonna' be soooooo ticked off.

  • Dumpster Diving
    Be a good sport and don't read the two "D” words written in big bold letters above, and act surprised when I tell you hackers can accomplish this without relying on a single bit of technology (punny).
  • Tailgating
    Hackers and ninja both like wearing black, and they do share the ability to slip inside a building and blend with the shadows.
  • Shoulder Surfing
    If you like having a screen on your laptop so you can see what you're working on, don't read this chapter.
  • Physical Security
    Locks are serious business and lock technicians are true engineers, most backed with years of hands-on experience. But what happens when you take the age-old respected profession of the locksmith and sprinkle it with hacker ingenuity?
  • Social Engineering with Jack Wiles
    Jack has trained hundreds of federal agents, corporate attorneys, CEOs and internal auditors on computer crime and security-related topics. His unforgettable presentations are filled with three decades of personal "war stories" from the trenches of Information Security and Physical Security.
  • Google Hacking
    A hacker doesn't even need his own computer to do the necessary research. If he can make it to a public library, Kinko's or Internet cafe, he can use Google to process all that data into something useful.
  • P2P Hacking
    Let's assume a guy has no budget, no commercial hacking software, no support from organized crime and no fancy gear. With all those restrictions, is this guy still a threat to you? Have a look at this chapter and judge for yourself.
  • People Watching
    Skilled people watchers can learn a whole lot in just a few quick glances. In this chapter we'll take a look at a few examples of the types of things that draws a no-tech hacker's eye.
  • Kiosks
    What happens when a kiosk is more than a kiosk? What happens when the kiosk holds airline passenger information? What if the kiosk holds confidential patient information? What if the kiosk holds cash?
  • Vehicle Surveillance
    Most people don't realize that some of the most thrilling vehicular espionage happens when the cars aren't moving at all!

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