JavaFX™ (eBook): Developing Rich Internet Applications

by Jim Clarke, Jim Connors, Eric Bruno

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Build Rich Applications that Run on the Web, Desktops, Mobile Devices... Anywhere!

Using JavaFX, developers and graphic designers can work together to build robust, immersive applications and deploy them anywhere: on the Web, on the desktop, and on millions of Java-enabled mobile devices. Now, three of Sun's leading JavaFX innovators present the definitive, easy-to-use introduction to this breakthrough platform.

JavaFXTM brings together all the knowledge, techniques, and reusable code you need to quickly deliver production-quality solutions. Writing for both developers and designers, the authors explain how JavaFX simplifies and improves the Rich Internet Application development process, and they show how to make the most of its ready-built components and frameworks.

The first book to cover the new JavaFX 1.1 release, JavaFXTM covers everything from data integration to multimedia, special effects to REST. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience, the authors present a full chapter of design patterns and a complete case study application. This book's wide-ranging content includes:

  • Building and running JavaFX programs
  • Understanding the role of graphics designers in creating JavaFX Graphical Assets
  • Writing fast, efficient JavaFX Script programs
  • Using data binding to simplify Model-View-Controller application design
  • Creating rich user experiences with JavaFX visual components
  • Bringing user interfaces to life with lighting, reflection, and other special effects
  • Adding motion with the JavaFX animation framework
  • Incorporating pictures, sound, and videos in your applications
  • Creating RESTful applications with JSON and XML
  • Writing JavaFX applications that make the most of the underlying Java platform

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