Build Ivywild (eBook): How Awakening An Old School Is Sustaining Our World: Fennell Group's Proposal To Redesign Cities From The Neighborhood Up

by James R. Fennell, Lola S. Scobey

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Can mingling different businesses bring greater prosperity? Can neighborhood buildings and spaces produce happiness? Can the sun and wind actually improve a person's well-being? Build Ivywild answers these and similar questions in words and sketches that are designed for everyone — from entrepreneurs and small business owners to government officials to students to neighborhood advocates. In this real-life story of repurposing a brick-and-mortar school, the anchor tenant just so happens to be a successful brewery (designed to use leftover rinse water and spent grain to irrigate and fertilize a greenhouse)! Using a unique concept that balances environmental, economic, and cultural concerns, Build Ivywild offers a blueprint for true sustainability. It sets a new standard for successfully organizing businesses, designing buildings, and creating community. It proposes to revitalize and inspire our communities — and our nation — one neighborhood at a time.

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Centurion Servant Publishers


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