Bushit!: How the Bush Crew is Wrecking America and Endangering the World (Paperback)

by Jack Huberman

Format: Paperback 360 pages

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What's gone wrong in the land of the free? Jack Huberman's bestseller, "The Bush-Hater's Handbook", exposed the iniquities and idiocies of George W. Bush's first term in the White House. Now in "Bushit!" he reveals that, just when you thought things couldn't get much worse, they already have. Huberman denounces the Bushies' seemingly unstoppable drive to turn the United States into 'one big Texas' - a cowboy-booted, God-fearing, gun-and-death-penalty-loving, semi-theocracy, wholly owned and operated by the corporate sector. He also reveals how Iraq has been turned into a Bushite state of rampant war profiteering and juicy oil and military contracts for Bush's buddies, the drastic reduction of civil liberties at home and of aid programs overseas, the $2m Presidential yacht and the most expensive Inauguration celebrations in US history...and much, much more.

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