Everything You Need To Know (eBook)

by Helenkay Dimon

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Guess who I'm temping for this week: Forest Redder. Yes, the Forest Redder, millionaire commercial real estate powerhouse (whatever that is...) There's nothing on this guy in the Need to Know database, but the man is seriously HOT! There's no way someone this tall, dark and delicious is sleeping alone every night—women probably hand over their panties the first time they meet him. Other women, I mean, not me—I'm so over his type (I've dated enough of D.C.'s "eligible bachelors" to know they're mostly lying scumbags. Or married. Or gay. Or...Well, you know.) But maybe I can do a little "hands-on" research and write up a report on him myself? You know, for the good of our members... ;) There's just one problem. I think he knows. And I think he knows I know he knows. And if he exposes me as the woman behind Need to Know, I could lose everything I've worked for...

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