How to Be Happy! A Depression Self Help Guide (eBook): Stopping Depression and Anxiety

by Grace Anderson

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"How to Be Happy! A Depression Self Help Guide" is a text that is written by an individual that has had personal experience dealing with depression. After many years she has finally found the right combination of things to help her to take control of her life with the knowledge that it is possible to get through the day without suffering from an episode of severe unhappiness. The Author has written this pocket book to help others who have the same challenges to find the solution to their problem. Whilst the same solution does not work for everyone the basics of the condition are the same. By identifying the root cause the road to recovery can begin. An estimated 19 million American adults are today living with major depression. Don't be part of the statistic; take action for yourself and your love one. Find out more about the condition and what you can do about it in the simple easy to read book.

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