Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests (eBook)

by Gary Paul Nabhan, Peter Friederici, Peter Friederici, Peter Ecological Restoration Institute

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Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests brings together practitioners and thinkers from a variety of fields—including forestry, biology, philosophy, ecology, political science, archaeology, botany, and geography—to synthesize what is known about ecological restoration in ponderosa pine forests and to consider the factors involved in developing and implementing a successful restoration effort. The book examines:

• the overall context for restoration—ecological, social, economic, political, and philosophical

• how ecosystem processes such as fire, hydrology, and nutrient cycling are affected by restoration activities

• treatment effects on specific ecosystem components such as trees, understory plants, animals, and rare or invasive species• the details of implementing restoration projects, including smoke management, the protection of cultural resources, and monitoring

Each section is introduced with a case study that demonstrates some of the promise and pitfalls of restoration projects.

Ecological Restoration of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests is the second book in the series The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration from the Society for Ecological Restoration International and Island Press.

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