Handcrafted CSS (eBook): More Bulletproof Web Design

by Dan Cederholm, Ethan Marcotte

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This is a different kind of CSS book. It takes the approach that there's a real connection between craftsmanship and

Web design. Handcrafted CSS gives frustrated Web designers the ammo they need to convince their clients and bosses to adopt innovative and effective CSS techniques that make their lives easier while improving the end user's experience. This book offers designers a transitional approach that teaches them when it's OK to push the envelope a bit, how best to do it, and when not to.

The book's seven chapters deconstruct various aspects of a case-study Web site, focusing on aspects that make it bulletproof and demonstrate progressive enrichment techniques over more traditional labor-intensive methods. Subjects include building for unanticipated future use; progressively enriching designs using CSS3 properties that work today; the magic and flexibility of using RGB color with an alpha channel; modular float management, crafting flexible frameworks; fluid layouts using grid-based design principles; and craftsmanship details on typography, jQuery, and shifting backgrounds.

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