George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, Violin Virtuoso and Composer of Color in Late 18th Century Europe - Studies in the History & Interpretation of Music S. v. 115 (Hardback)

by Clifford D Panton

Format: Hardback 130 pages

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This study is a chronology of the life of the mulatto violin prodigy, George Bridgetower from the late eighteenth century to the nineteenth century. This powerful biography brings to light for the first time the fascinating life of the violin prodigy George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower, a virtuoso and composer of color in late eighteenth century Europe. This first major book on George Bridgetower is based on solid, scholarly research and documentation. The brilliant life of this violin virtuoso is presented in clear, articulate language. The documented biography leads the astonished reader through Bridgetower's life, (previously unknown to present-day readers), from child prodigy to adult virtuoso performing in the Royal Courts of Europe. Importantly, the biography also presents Bridgetower's ancestral heritage - African and Caribbean - with documentation from sociologists, historians and musicologists. The chronology of Bridgetower's life (1778-1860) unfolds with careful attention to detail and as in-depth as possible based on the material researched to the present by the author, Dr. Clifford Panton. This major original work places Dr. Panton as the leading authority on the life of the violinist composer George Bridge tower and opens the door for further Bridgetower research. This biography is divided into nine chapters, with an Introduction, Table of Contents, List of Figures, Appendix, Bibliography, and Index. The list of figures contains eight art masterpiece reproductions (present unavailable to this reviewer) dating from 1405 (DeBellifortis), including Van Dyck (1623) among others, and up to George Alexander Gratton. The first chapter states that George Bridgetower was born in Baila, Poland, on October 11, 1778, and died in Peckham, Surrey, England, on February 29, 1860. His mother was Polish and his father, John Augustus Frederick Bridgetower, was an Abyssinian from the West Indies. The chapter cites documentation, dates and important information from historians regarding the history of the slave trade, John Augustus Bridgetower's probable escape from Barbados and his arrival in Europe, possibly in the 1770s, is presented. By 1780,

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