Introduction to Romance (eBook): A Bargain with the Enemy / A SEAL's Salvation / Daring to Trust the Boss / Back in Her Husband's Bed / The Major's Wife / Undercover Captor / No Time like Mardi Gras / Tempted by Dr. Morales / Sentinels: Lynx Destiny / Cavanaugh Hero

by Carole Mortimer, Tawny Weber, Susan Meier, Andrea Laurence, Lauri Robinson, Cynthia Eden, Kimberly Lang, Carol Marinelli, Doranna Durgin, Marie Ferrarella

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10 Fantastic books to sweep you off your feet! Our writers wondered 'Wouldn't it be lovely if...?' See where their imaginations took them. You'll find every kind of romance from an intense passionate Modern, a warm and emotional Cherish, to an exciting Romantic Suspense, sexy Blaze and timeless Historical and more besides... A Bargain with the Enemy Carole Mortimer A SEAL's Salvation Tawny Webber Daring to Trust the Boss Susan Meier Back in Her Husband's Bed Andrea Laurence The Major's Wife Lauri Robinson Undercover Captor Cynthia Eden No Time Like Mardi Gras Kimberly Lang Tempted by Dr Morales Carol Marinelli Sentinels: Lynx Destiny Doranna Durgin Cavanaugh Hero Marie Ferrarella

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