An Immoral Code (eBook): Caper Court Series, Book 3

by Caro Fraser

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Now a QC at the eminent chambers of 5 Caper Court, Leo Davies has a big case on his hands. With Anthony Cross at his side, Leo finds himself representing a group of investors desperate to claim back the fortunes they unwittingly lost. They've staked everything on Leo's performance in court, blissfully unaware of the confusions of his private life which threaten to destroy their case.

For at home, the delicate facade of Leo's marriage to Rachel is swiftly crumbling. And meanwhile, Anthony's burgeoning relationship with a colleague leaves Leo jealous at heart. But even these distractions won't stop Leo from making a play for one of his clients, the handsome TV celebrity Charles Beecham. But while Leo eyes Beecham, Beecham's own interests may lie elsewhere . . .

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